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Why Most Health Foods are a Waste of Money

July 19th, 2015

Why Most Health Foods are a Waste of MoneyClick Image To Visit SiteDoes it sound incredible that one supplement can help all these diseases – and more? Then question yourself this: What if you had NO vitamins in your diet – none at all? You’d be very sick. Guess what: this nutrient is just as vital as vitamins and you’re getting approximately ZERO.

If you take antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you’re only getting it half-right. A new class of nutrients is just as vital – maybe MORE vital.

In five or ten years most people will be taking these nutrients right along with vitamins and minerals. Yet few are taking them now.

These nutrients do not exist in most of the foods sold in health food stores, whether organic or not. Nearly any cooking or processing destroys these highly complex molecules.

What’s more, all the antioxidants and other supplements you take are half as effective – or worse – if you don’t get THIS nutrient either in your food or in supplement form.

So you can look at this letter as a privileged glimpse into the future. By reading this you’re putting yourself at the cold edge of a nutritional revolution. There’s a huge potential for healing many mystery health problems that have stumped doctors for decades.

Heads up for cancer patients! “The missing nutrient” beats chemotherapy 100-to-one

These incredible results are a matter of record, published in medical journals by Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, an M.D. in New York City.

And how about pancreatic cancer patients who were told they had “no hope”? This natural nutrient outdid chemotherapy by better than a hundred to one!

When Dr. Gonzalez started his study of 11 “hopeless” patients, an NIH “expert” told him he’d be lucky if three of them lived more than a year. Cancer of the pancreas is ordinarily fatal – and quick.

So what happened? NINE of the patients in the study lived more than a year and four of them lived more than three years! Meanwhile, out of 126 patients on chemotherapy, NOT EVEN ONE survived for two years.

The lack of this vital nutrient leaves us wide open not only to cancer, but to heart disease, arthritis, allergies, and all kinds of digestive problems. It’s even linked to autism, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

You can experience a huge improvement in your health – often overnight – when you add this nutrient to your diet, either in supplement form OR by eating the right foods.

You’ll find out WHAT this nutrient is, WHY it’s not in our food anymore (although it was a hundred years ago), HOW the deficiency devastates your health, and exactly WHAT you can do about it. It’s all in a new Special Report I’ve on paper called The Missing Ingredient for Excellent Health. Take heed and you might experience…

Dramatic improvement in heart health and circulation: This “Roto-Rooter” supplement cleans out the gunk in your arteries

This supplement does in weeks what other treatments take months to realize, according to Dr. J. Valls-Serra of the University of Barcelona. More than nine out of ten patients with blood clot disorders got really well.

In my report, The Missing Ingredient for Excellent Health I’ll show you study after study that confirms the heart and circulation benefits you can experience by taking this supplement. Very few American doctors know about these studies because they were published in German and have never been translated.

That means your doctor – and you – are missing an vital new discovery about the so-called diseases of aging.

Your danger of cancer, heart disease, stroke and arthritis go up as you age – But it’s not because you’re getting older

You can help reverse the so-called “diseases of aging” by correcting a nutritional deficiency. More than nine out of ten patients with red-looking blood vessels improve when they take this nutrient, and most of them get really well.

And what’s the most common gripe as we get older? It’s probably pain. Many “experts” call the most common kind of arthritis – osteoarthritis – a “wear and tear” disease. According to them, our joints wear out and we just have to live with it.

Pain goes away without drugs — Study after study shows the “Missing Ingredient” is more powerful than NSAIDs

Young people with pain can benefit, too. Controlled scientific studies show that injured athletes heal and get back on the meadow in less than half the time of those on a placebo. The reason is that the missing nutrient doesn’t just mask pain, it heals the injury – the real, underlying cause.

Most of these pain studies were done in Germany. In fact, this nutrient is the second most well loved pain reliever in Germany after aspirin. German doctors are well aware of the benefits of this nutrient. Yet most American doctors – even alternative doctors – don’t know about it. And most Americans have never heard of it.

The nearly-unknown power of this nutrient might take your health to a whole new level. Within days or weeks – sometimes the first day – you can see miraculous relief from medical problems that have troubled you for years.

One woman reports she now has four extra hours a day – hours she used to spend sleeping or too fatigued and mind-fogged to do anything.

MORE BENEFITS: Say excellent-bye to upset stomach, bloating, IBS, gas, diarrhea, constipation and cramps

Digest your food right for the first time in your life. The missing nutrient treats the real, underlying problem. It often cures distress victims once and for all.

Many patients report instant, miraculous relief. Food allergies go away for excellent and you can eat anything! A delighted upset stomach victim was able to cancel surgery, and a baby’s colic vanished in one day.

I can tell you it’s right from personal experience. I really cured a spastic colon that troubled me for more than twenty years.

Proven: Nine out of ten autism cases get better! Helps other… Read more…

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