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December 24th, 2014

Stage Ready Nutrition & TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteAn Open Letter to ANYONE That Wants To Gather How To LOOK Like The People That Compete And Been On Covers Of Magazines…

How would you like to go backstage at my Fitness Atlantic show and find out these secrets from the top competitors:

How do the top athletes from my competition get in such incredible shape and improve themselves year after you.

…They don’t feel like they’ve had enough time to prepare for the contest…or they place of protection’t done the right things.

It’s they took the incorrect advice…listened to someone at the gym…or trusted in the latest rumors and gossip.

I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years… From Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist…to running a chain of the health clubs in Connecticut, I’ve seen and done everything in the fitness industry. I’ve competed in all natural bodybuilding contests…and judged major national contests…

And I’ve produced over 30 bodybuilding and fitness shows since 1999…including my own Fitness Atlantic which has become one of the largest shows in the country.

And believe me, from being in the contests and behind the scenes I’ve seen everything you can imagine…

They come from all over because of the professional way I run my contests and the exposure they get.

And over the years I’ve had the pleasure to talk to the thousands of bodybuilders, fitness women, and bikini models who enter my show each year.

It’s this extensive background had allowed me to develop one of the largest bags of tricks in the industry.

As supporter of the contest I couldn’t be seen as playing favorites and training the contestants. It wouldn’t be honest.

My system for getting you a stage ready body has developed from my years in the industry as a competitive bodybuilder, judge, and producer.

And the network of fellow "fitness fanatics" who experiment with the latest cold edge training, supplement, and nutrition information.

Over the years the core of the system has stayed the same…it is also responsible for the daily, weekly, and yearly improvements my clients see in their physiques.

The 4 keys to getting the body you want: A specific combination of nutrition, weight training workouts, cardio sessions, and supplements.

Your largest problem when preparing for a contest: Within these 4 combinations are thousands of different ways to combine them…for different results.

If you’re like most people you’ve been “stuck” on one of these no result ruts with small or no results.

You could spend years and years trying the break the code for a stage ready physique in minimum time…

But you don’t have to…because of my unique position I’ve been able to unlock the code for you…

Their secret: It’s dieting on as many excellent carbohydrates as they can…while making sure the carbohydrates are shuttled into their muscles.

The trick to making this secret work for you is to find out your “carbohydrate saturation point”.

Everyone has a different point and this number can’t be prescribed with a “cookie cutter” routine.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds and involves some simple arithmetic but once you find out your point…your body can change quickly.

This is my go to trick when it comes to getting bodybuilders and fitness models into super low levels of body stout.

It’s an overlooked an “obvious” nutrient your body uses to burn stout. The problem is most people don’t make it the focus of their nutrition curriculum.

There’s simply no starving yourself when you use this small know trick…most of the people I train can’t believe how they never get hungry but see the incredible changes in the mirror.

When you combine this shortcut with the next one you start to get a "stacking effect" making your changes come quicker and quicker…

Here’s what they do: They get the latest "top" bodybuilder, fitness, figure, or bikini develop to pose for a bunch of cinema…ordinarily while they’re working out.

But the truth is: They don’t even follow the training curriculum their recommending. The routines are made up from the editor or writer of the article.

This is why a lot of cold-edge routines never make it to the magazines. It doesn’t fit the part.

What no one talks about is the interplay between certain lessons of supplements. The base supplements, the muscle construction supplements, and the stout burning supplements.

The all natural supplements used by the first place finishers…finally you can peek into their gym bag and see what it is they are taking to look like they do.

How to use supplements in your body’s favor giving you a continual windfall of stout burning activity.

Why taking an ordinary multi-vitamin and mineral can be limiting your muscle gains. The right one is critical to the success of your other supplements and can mean the difference between jump starting your metabolism or bringing it to a screeching halt.

But I’ve never met a bodybuilder, fitness, figure, or bikini develop who won a first place trophy…and didn’t do cardio.

I’m ready to clear up the confusion for you right now….with the exact solution to performing the right amount of cardio to get a stage ready physique.

The ONE BIG difference between the men and women who get results and the ones who don’t…is one critical feature…

The winners of my drug free competitions are the ones who are constantly experimenting with their bodies…to see what gives them the quickest and most dramatic results to their physiques imaginable.

Over the years I’ve built up a “hardcore” network of bodybuilding, fitness, and bikini models that number in the thousands…

I’ve built up one of the largest Drug-Free Bodybuilding, Fitness and Develop Rolodexes which has become a mountain of tips, tricks, and small cuts to getting… Read more…

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