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Reverse Dieting Book – End the miserable Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle Today!

May 3rd, 2015

Reverse Dieting Book - End the miserable Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle Today!Click Image To Visit SiteThe Reverse Dieting e-book teaches you how to wean yourself off of a stout loss spell, safely bring your calories back up, and bring your metabolism back to working order while minimizing stout gain. This will change the way you reckon about fitness progress and will transform your life for the better.

“Sohee poured her heart and soul into this book and spent many hours on the phone with me to make sure she left no stone unturned.

You will find hard scientific data on weight cycling, diet failure, bodyfat overshooting, and metabolic adaptation. You will also find a plethora of information on how to mitigate all these negative outcomes from dieting.

We want you to get to your best body but also do it in a healthy, maintainable way that doesn’t involve three hours of exercise per day and ultra low calories.

Reverse dieting is your solution. By combining the latest in both physiology and psychology, you’ll make the most of your time away from stout loss for long-term results.

*Reverse dieting ebook is not mobile friendly. If you believe that you are familiar with reverse dieting and do not need additional help or support, then this product is not for you. If, on the other hands, you are looking for a solid introductory guide and believe you will benefit form having access to Layne and Sohee with your questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Sohee Lee. I’m a 20-something fitness writer and health and life coach with a fascination with psychology. As a writer, my aim is to bestow information that’s scientifically-backed, entertaining, and easily digestible. As a coach, my purpose is to provide you with the tools you need to make a long-term commitment to fitness while preserving your quality of life.

“I made this product because I be with you the pain of weight gain, of ending your diet and having no thought what steps to take next, of yo-yo dieting seemingly forever. I once ballooned 25lbs in a three-month timespan all in the name of “bulking” – and trust me, on my 5’2” frame, it wasn’t pretty. I have made countless mistakes along my own fitness journey, and I’ve taken what I’ve learned to better not only myself but you as well. “

Because you know what’s better than rocking a lean physique for one month out of the year, subsequent by 11 months of “offseason”? Smallest weight fluctuations. Weight maintenance. A sound plot for the after-diet life that won’t have you going crazy. Why is it that so many of us believe that a quick fix is the best way to get results? That crash dieting is the answer to that spare tire? That you’ll simply “figure out” how to keep that weight off later? If you’re serious about long-term change, you must commit to a permanent lifestyle shift. That means approaching fitness with a new perspective.

We have to stop thought about the results that we’ll get tomorrow and instead deliberate the long-term goal. We have to start putting our health in front of mere aesthetics and realize that, while there’s nothing incorrect with wanting to look excellent, our bodies also need a break from chronic energy deficits. That means that, at some point, we need to shift gears and increase our caloric intake. And if we do this in a sane, careful manner, we can restore our metabolism, revive our hormones, and even build some muscle while minimizing the stout gain.

Over the years, I’ve been through several rounds of figure competition prep and various meal diplomacy to refine my body. I’m fortunate in that I’ve never worked with a coach that prescribed me a perilous and unhealthy caloric intake and cardio regime. But, my body was still in need of a rest from being in a shortage for so long.

I started reverse dieting with Sohee in November of 2013, and over that time, I experienced a significant increase in both strength and energy. My food choices were able to expand greatly. I was plotting fun and wonderful family meals with lots of fantastic carbs and there was never a reason to feel terrible about anything because it was all a part of my plot. Fruits, starchy veggies, breads, pastas, sweets…whatever I wanted was within reach as long as I made it part of my plot. Oh, and I also maintained or, at times, lost weight while increasing my caloric intake!

Above all else, the most vital benefit to me of reverse dieting is that it allowed me to gather a new, balanced way of eating. On top of that, I didn’t need to worry about having a negative impact on my impressionable three-year ancient daughter.

I have learned how to be a positive role develop for eating healthy, balanced, and moderate, and in a way that is going to fuel my body for success.

Like most American women, I have distress remembering when I wasn’t dieting – or at least talking about needing to be on a diet. I tried every incorrect way in the world until I started educating myself and subsequently found Sohee, learned the right way to diet, and saw more progress in six months than in all of my previous attempts combined. The former chubby girl felt lean and mean, and just in time for summer! Then she suggested that I reverse diet…gain weight? On purpose? It’s an intimidating prospect to actively be gaining a small weight, but I’ve learned what a critical time it is. Reverse dieting is when I really met my goals. I looked forward to every. single. workout – I felt incredibly strong and powerful. Eating was certainly fun – for a small girl, I was putting away some serious carbs. And the weight gain that I was terrified… Read more…

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