MP6 Training Program: Revolutionary New Bodybuilding System

MP6 Training Program: Revolutionary New Bodybuilding SystemClick Image To Visit SiteMany people who are looking to build larger muscles are literally looking for the “magic pill”. They reckon if they find the right supplement, it will be the key to construction greater size and strength. The supplement industry can make some pretty outrageous claims in their advertisements. Promises of doubling your muscle gains, decreasing stout and even increasing your sex guide are common. It’s no wonder that so many people are fooled into believing that the solution to construction larger muscles is in the supplements that you take. It’s only after spending so much money on supplements that the discovery is made that construction muscles isn’t as simple as just swallowing some powders or pills. If it was, anyone could get huge muscles just by taking these supplements.

This is a common mistake that so many people make in the quest for larger muscles. Pumping up the muscles certainly looks and feels excellent. You look in the mirror and your muscles look like they have doubled in size. This must be the solution to making the muscles larger, right? Not necessarily. Although pumping more blood into the muscles is an vital component to muscle growth, it is not the fundamental reason for muscle growth. If it was, than it would be possible to get a larger chest and arms simply by doing lots of push-ups every day. Bill Pearl, 4 time Mr. Universe winner and one of the legends in the world of bodybuilding, once related a amusing tale about when he was training a client at his gym. The novice trainer told Bill that he got a fantastic pump in his calves by doing high repetition calf raises with just his bodyweight. He told Bill that his calves must be growing because they were burning so much after his sets. Bill told him, “I can place a match to your calves and that would make them burn but that doesn’t mean that they will grow”. The point is that it takes much more than just pumping up a muscle for real growth to take place. The largest and most massive bodybuilders in the world didn’t get that way just by doing endless repetitions with a light resistance. Just like most things in life, it’s not that simple.

One of the largest mistakes individuals make in their training is to copy the workout routines that the pro bodybuilders use. The reasoning is that if it worked for the pros, it should work for everyone. Typically, a professional bodybuilder will work out six days a week, sometimes twice a day. They will also do a high amount of sets for each muscle group and often do cardiovascular exercise several hours a day in order to prepare for a competition. The difference between a pro bodybuilder and the average bodybuilder is that they are supplementing their training by using high amounts of performance enhancing drugs. The massive dosages of these powerful drugs allow the professional bodybuilders to train each muscle group more frequently, with more sets and with less rest. They can follow these workouts and still grow because the high amounts of drugs they are using work to increase their strength, their muscle mass and speed up their recuperation time tremendously. To compare what they do to the average drug-free trainer would be like comparing a greyhound to a chihuahua. I made the same mistake when I first started training at 14 years ancient. I wanted to get huge quick so I started using the exact same routine that Arnold Schwarzenegger was using to prepare for the Mr. Olympia competition. That meant training six days a week, twice a day and doing as many as 20-25 sets for each muscle group. It’s not surprising that I was severely limiting my growth by training so much.

Getting larger muscles requires the use of greater resistance in order to stress the muscles so they have a reason to grow. As you get stronger, you can use more weight for the proper amount of repetitions and the muscles will respond by getting larger. The problem with trying to use increasingly heavier weights to build more muscle mass is that the body will eventually reach a flat terrain. No matter how hard you push yourself, you will reach a point everywhere it will be impossible to get stronger. When this flat terrain is reached, many people will continue to struggle with weights that are too heavy for them. They will resort to using terrible form in order to use more weight than ever or they will rely on their training partner to help them do more “forced reps” in order to complete the proper number of repetitions needed to get larger. This method of training is not effective because the muscles are using more weight than they can realistically handle. The Solution: Cycle Your Training to Build Strength and Size

Nutrition is one of the most perplexing gears to construction more muscle mass. What foods to eat and at what times are just some of the perplexing questions when it comes to proper nutrition. Just randomly eating foods that you reckon are excellent for you will not help you to maximize your capacity for construction muscle mass, enhancing recuperation and keeping bodyfat levels down. It’s not only the quality of food that is vital, it’s the quantity of food and timing the meals right

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