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How To Get A Six Pack Abs - Six Pack ShortcutsClick Image To Visit SiteFTC Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the guys pictured transformed their body through using "Afterburn Training" and Mike Chang’s system. But, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.

In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in exercise and nutrition programs by using this system. Six Pack Shortcuts involves body weight exercises, weight lifting, and high intensity cardiovascular exercise. You should not start the curriculum if you are severely obese, or if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise perilous. In addition, Six Pack Shortcuts requires you to follow an eating plot and at times confine the amount of calories you consume. You should not start this eating plot if you have physical or psychological issues which make stout loss perilous.

Mike is not a doctor, and his advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition curriculum. See our full FTC Legal Disclaimer for complete detail. Do you have questions about Six Pack Shortcuts? Are you wondering if the curriculum will work for you? Give us a call! You can contact us at 1(800) 655-8576. We will go over your fitness goals, and customize the curriculum to fit your individual needs. Just call 1(800) 655-8576, and we’ll be lucky to help you out.

It’s Mike, and I want to personally thank you for checking out the Afterburn Training Video. Watch the entire video above before reading this — it contains some key information about your workouts that you need to know on how to get a six pack

And if you’ve finished watching and you’re looking for an Afterburn Training system that will get you lean and ripped quick… I’d like to train with you in my Six Pack Shortcuts curriculum.

Six Pack Shortcuts is the first workout system designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect from your workouts. The workouts will be small, but INTENSE. They’re a combination of heavy, compound weightlifting combined with high intensity cardio…and they’re designed to get you lean and ripped FAST.

"Mike, I just want to tell you that this is one of the most effective systems for getting abs that I’ve ever tried. I’m sending you a picture of what I used to look like before I started on Six Pack Shortcuts, and what I look like now.

I was really just about to give up, when I heard about Six Pack Shortcuts. I gave the curriculum a try, and you can see the results I got just a few months later.

And the most exciting part for me was, I finally saw my abs for the first time in my life. You’re a really excellent trainer man, and thanks for everything you’ve done for me."

I know that Six Pack Shortcuts can help you get the ripped body and six pack abs you’ve permanently wanted — just like it has for the hundreds of guys that have sent in success tales. And I know you’ll like it once you start doing the workouts. So…I’ve figured out a way that you can try the system out risk free to see if you like it.

Sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts now, and do the workouts for a full sixty days. I know you’ll like them, but if you’re not satisfied for any reason just contact me by send by e-mail or phone anytime within 60 days for a 100% money-back refund. I’m offering you the chance to try Six Pack Shortcuts out risk free like this because I reckon the curriculum can really teach you how to get a six pack and a ripped body — and you’ll see that once you have access.

Click the button to the right to sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts, and to start training with me. I’ll see you inside!

In these entertaining (but information packed) videos, I coach you to realize success and I share my best advice to get in shape. I give you the techniques and strategies that worked best for me to transform my body, and which have gotten fantastic results for many of my clients as well. I also teach you about the “mental” side of getting abs – how to ensure you stay motivated, regular with your workouts and eating, and focused on your goals.

I’ve included a simple and convenient workout log to bring to the gym with you when you train. It lists all the exercises and shows you how to do each. You can either train along with me, or gather how to do the exercises at home and just bring your workout log to the gym.

You’ll also get instant access to all of your training videos through the Six Pack Shortcuts members’ site as soon as you sign up. You’ll be able to stream or download all of your videos in MINUTES, and you won’t have to wait for anything to be shipped to start training.

You can stream the videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, or download a high definition copy permanently to your computer. You’re also free to burn your videos to DVD or place them on your tablet or smartphone.

And if you choose to claim your spot now, I’ll also include two of my BEST harvest as free bonuses for taking quick action!

How to make eating healthy SIMPLE – I’ll give you the 5 eating rules I followed to get in shape, which you can use to simplify nutrition and eliminate confusion.

Done-for-you recipes for healthy meals – you don’t have to “figure out” what to eat, you can just eat the exact meals that I give you. I’ll also show you how to customize the meals to your individual tastes, while still staying within the… Read more…

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