Hot at Home

Hot at HomeClick Image To Visit SiteTruth is, it’s kind of hard for me to admit this here on such a public forum, but it’s also not simple to hide from the truth.

Going everywhere all those judgmental, super-fit people might stare at me while I struggled to get in shape made me feel REALLY uncomfortable and conspicuous.

I didn’t like dealing with the rude, inconsiderate people that permanently seemed to be in my way there …

… or leaving their sweat on the equipment I wanted to work on and not putting their stuff back everywhere it belongs when they’re done.

Besides all that, I really didn’t have a bunch of extra time to waste in my busy day just getting there and back anyway.

And for what it was, I felt like a gym membership was just way too expensive, especially since I didn’t even like going there.

And since I live in a teensy, tiny city apartment I didn’t *reckon* there could be an effective way to get in shape at home with my extreme space limitations.

But, then one day, after being miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling out of control for WAY TOO LONG, I got mad enough at myself that I chose I’d have to find a way to get in shape without the gym.

I knew I had to take control of myself and my life and get my mindset turned around, or the problem was only going to get worse.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with lots of different workout techniques and styles. I had successes… and I had failures.

But I kept at it until I had perfected a system that allowed me to get in the shape I wanted AT HOME with smallest equipment and IN A HURRY.

What resulted is the Hot at Home System which I initially designed especially just to help MYSELF burn stout and develop some sexy muscle definition FAST …

… without having to wipe someone else’s greasy sweat off my equipment OR step foot in a smelly, uncomfortable, crowded gym EVER AGAIN.

In less time than I plotting possible I was on the beach in a bikini showing off my flat tummy and shapely shoulders without any of the ancient embarrassment I used to feel at the beach.

Plus, it’s been several years now, and I’ve managed to maintain my new body without any struggle whatsoever.

It’s sort of a “share the wealth” kind of thing with me. It worked so well for me and I’m so THRILLED with my results, that I want you to have it, too.

If you want to take control of YOUR life and get in your best shape ever, but the plotting of going into the gym fills you with dread, keep reading.

Hot at Home is a system that gives you the freedom to get a kick-ass and EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS WORKOUT IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME (no matter how small your home), on your own schedule, incorporating a specially formulated series of exercises using only a set of dumbbells and a couple of fitness bands.

So, if you’re like ME and don’t have much time to get your workouts done and don’t want to deal with smelly, inconsiderate, rude people hogging equipment you’re waiting for, or filling their huge waterbottles while you wait for a sip at the fountain, then this system is what you’re looking for.

We’ve all got to start somewhere and I’ll have you working out in the RIGHT way to get you past ‘beginner’ stage in a rush.

There are over 40 weeks of workouts in “Hot at Home” so whatever your personal level is, there’s something for you.

Listen, how many trainers or fitness “pros” do you reckon just make stuff up and shoot it out without testing it on real people?

YOU become their “guinea pig”. You work a curriculum that hasn’t even been tested on real people, then after you’ve wasted a bunch of time and find out it’s not working for you, who gets the blame?

Even if you did everything they told you to. They suggest that maybe you did something “incorrect”, even if the ONLY thing you did incorrect was TAKE THEIR BAD ADVICE.

It’s been tested … By me personally. I’ve lived it. I’ve worked it. I KNOW it works.

Jackie is very accessible to anyone looking to get in fantastic shape and I like checking in on her to see what she’s posting next! Over the course of the past 3 months Jackie has helped me reach my fitness goals and set new ones. I am more regular with my diet and workouts and have lost a full inch in my waistline which has allowed me to see better definition in my abs … and I have also dropped down from 130lbs to a comfortable 123lbs.

I’m super busy and use that as an excuse for not working out and eating right. When I chose to place some honest try into losing weight and getting healthy, I had no thought everywhere to start. Jackie gave me some fantastic home workout recommendations and tons of fantastic food dreams. Jackie’s inspiration keeps me honest and eating like I should. Subsequent her recommendations has helped me lose 34 lbs so far.

You get real workouts that you can follow without having to do what I did, spending all that time just figuring out exactly which exercises should go collectively to get an effective stout-burning workout.

If you’re bone idle and place of protection’t accepted that getting in shape takes work then this curriculum is not for you.

If you’re looking for an simple way out or believe in that ‘one special trick, potion or pill‘ that will magically melt your stout and get you ‘supermodel ripped’ in a week… Read more…