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Home » Underground Workout ManualClick Image To Visit SiteWe don’t exercise, we get stout and frustrated, our health suffers. Now I have some fantastic news for you if falling into this “time trap” has left you feeling helpless.

Through quite a bit of research, we’ve learned how to maximize stout loss in smallest time by using special exercise strategies to trigger stout loss hormones.

I’ve spent the last decade, including over 20,000 hours of hands- on experience selection people just like you find out the TRUTH about losing body stout.

Now I glide around the world and share my experience in making stout loss success with other personal trainers and fitness companies in addition to Fortune 500 corporate executives, professional athletes, and people just like you!

I’m constantly surprised by the amount of terrible information people receive about exercise and stout loss.

(Really, I can show you why the exercise programs most people do is probably KILLING their stout loss efforts, and what works at least 2-3 times better.)

In fact, if you’ve got 20-30 minutes most days of the week and enough space in your living room to do a pushup….

The ancient plot of “doing lots of cardio, maybe some weights, and trying to watch what we eat” has failed so many.

All exercise is excellent for us, but when we have specific stout loss goals, we need a specific stout loss plot!

If you want stout loss results as a busy adult, you literally have to turn this ancient develop upside down!

By using special exercise combinations that stoke our stout burning, muscle construction hormones, we can build muscle while burning stout in about 20-30 minutes, right at home.

Gone are the days of spending hours on the elliptical.  Research has shown a quicker, more effective strategy to lose stout with cardiovascular exercise.  If you can challenge yourself for 30 to 90 seconds at a time with rest in between, you can “convince” your body to butt stout.

With this unique strategy, the stout loss continues even after you’re done exercising. You only need about 20-30 minutes.

You’ll have to choose if you want to continue your usual stout loss frustration, or if you want to place a lot of work into a small bit of time and change your body, and your life, forever!

You’ll have to choose if you want to continue to spend money on gym memberships, supplements, and crazy equipment that doesn’t work, or if you want a simple curriculum that can be done anywhere that GUARANTEES results.

The other major benefit of Brett’s approach to training is that I am no longer bored with working out. He is permanently changing up the plot and keeping it fresh so that my mind and body doesn’t get used to or over familiar with the routine. I have tried countless other training methods over the years and nothing that I have done even comes close to the positive experience and miraculous results that I am living with due to Brett’s awesome curriculum!

You’ll have to choose if you want one of the small-term weight loss fixes that have failed you in the past, or if you want a curriculum designed to deliver results for life.

Even elite performers like LA Dodgers relief pitcher, Brandon League, have made the right choice to take their game to the “next level”! (His words, not mine)

The choice is yours. Thousands of people from around the world have select the TRUTH by using the system I outline in my online e-book and video curriculum, The Underground Workout Manual 2.0.

Then I started to gather about the actual knowledge behind stout loss and how certain types of carefully designed, activist exercise programs could be employed to make RAPID results. I was blown away by how simple some of these programs really were and how they were able to change my body in such a small period of time. I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends and clients.

Selection deliver success to these and many other previously frustrated exercisers from a variety of backgrounds lead me to be named the 2013 IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year!

Really, the opposite is right–and the reason what I’m about to share with you works so well is that it’s really doable on a daily and weekly basis. You WON’T have to make radical adjustments to your lifestyle to see a radically hotter body in the mirror–often in a matter of weeks!

Previously, in order to get access to this curriculum, you would have to come personally train with me in Southern California for over $150/hr, or be in the audience for one of my international seminars.

Yet now, with the creation of The Underground Workout Manual 2.0 – Stout Loss Results for Busy Adults, you too can get the same incredible stout-loss results without having to directly work with me. You can really do it right at home!

With this “primal” form of exercise you use only your bodyweight and a resistance band (sold separately). NO fancy supplements, NO lengthy cardio or deficiency-type diets, and NO reoccurring gym fees!

You WILL receive a step-by-step curriculum with tons of motivation, accountability, insight, and loads of video support to ensure you can do every rep, every set correctly!

In fact, this curriculum works WITH the amazingly tasty diet you’ll already be eating if you chose to also buy the optional Dark Side of Stout Loss curriculum at checkout. This potent curriculum combo can help you more than double your rate of stout burning, in half the time.

Note that when I say “curriculum”–I mean it. The Underground Workout 2.0 includes 5 powerful tools that help supercharge your workouts, make more fun and variety, deliver speedy results, and keep you accountable so you STICK with the curriculum… Read more…