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Module 1: Eat What Your Ancestors Ate: For thousands of years your ancestors – save for a few adventurers – were living in the exact same place on the planet. They adapted to what their environment offered and didn’t offer. While your environment may now vary drastically, your DNA does not. In Module One I show how to balance your diet more closely to what your fantastic-fantastic-grandparents thrived on.

Module 2: Nasal Lubrication: Many people find this simple strategy very addictive. It comes from India, 4000 B.C. It’s said to have many benefits ranging from preventing sinus headaches to avoiding Alzheimer’s and improving your sense of smell. The "dosage" for this strategy is only 2-6 drops a day – which is hardly going to stretch the family budget.

Module 3: Ancient Fashioned Vitamin C: These days, new wonder herbs, super-nutrients and “celebrity” supplements take center stage while the basics get ignored. Vitamin C is elemental not just for your immune system but also for your body’s ability to deal with stress. Now’s fruits and vegetables don’t offer the same quality and quantity of Vitamin C they did "back in the day." In Module 3 I clarify exactly how you can get enough vitamin C from food-based sources your body can absorb.

Module 4: Sleeping Without the Electricity: At night the natural electrical and magnetic activity dancing between our cells slows down. Or at least, it wants to. But if your body is being bombarded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) it may not be able to find complete rest. So while I don’t suggest you stop living with electricity, I do want you to try sleeping without it. In Module 4 I show you exactly how to pull it off.

Register by entering your valid send by e-mail address into the form below and clicking the "Get Module One Now!" button…

In 1978 I graduated from one of the most hard medical schools in North America, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. We were required to complete third year American medical board exams to pass our second year. I’ve since expanded my health expertise far beyond conventional medicine to include a degree in naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition and acupuncture.

Even in my teens I studied health and lived in Los Angeles everywhere I met and was inspired by many of the health pioneers.

I ran my own family practice in Ontario for 13 years, worked as an HIV researcher in New York for several years and have over 16 books published (including The Yeast Connection, IBS for Dummies and The Magnesium Miracle).

Along with writing, Completement Now!, and regular media appearances, I continue a telephone consulting practice from my home in Maui. Best of all, I turned 60 in Development of 2009 and I feel healthier than when I was 40 thanks to the information I share with you in Completement Now!

For more information about me and why I might be qualified to guide you for the next 2 years on adopting a healthier lifestyle you can click here to read more. Read more…

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