Advanced Fat Loss

Advanced Fat LossClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever been so frustrated with your current gym exercise curriculum that you’ve wanted to quit? Have you ever felt like you’ve been training so hard, all the time, that you’re just spinning your wheels chasing results that aren’t coming quick enough? With your busy lifestyle, can you afford to spend that much time that "the experts" say you need to spend in the gym to get the results you want?

Listen, as a husband, father of 5 and business title-holder my time is so precious that if I ever feel like it’s being wasted, I at once reevaluate what I’m doing and question myself if it’s really worth it. That’s exactly how I felt a few years ago when I was taking time away from my family and going to the gym everyday – for at least 2 hours every time – chasing after the physique that I had back in institution when I used to play sports. But, being a small older and A LOT busier, the results weren’t coming quick enough for my liking. PLUS, with my wife pregnant with our 5th child, I started to feel guilty that I was taking all this time away from my family, selfishly, trying to keep myself in shape. The problem was, I wasn’t in shape…at least not by my standards or the standards that have been set by the industry that I chose to make a living in. You see, I am a personal trainer. I work in the FITNESS INDUSTRY. And no matter what anyone tells you, it doesn’t matter what degrees or certifications you have, it doesn’t matter what celebrities you’ve trained and it doesn’t matter what kind of results you’ve gotten for other people… Nobody is going to train with you if you’re FAT or OUT OF SHAPE. That’s the harsh reality of the world we live in…

It’s kind of like me telling my kids to eat their vegetables because it’s excellent for them while I’m stuffing my face with fries and donuts. I can’t tell my clients to listen to me if I don’t walk the talk. The problem wasn’t that I was doing enough – I was spending 10 hours per week in the gym training myself, after all – the problem was that I was doing TOO MUCH. The problem was that I was doing too many exercises, for too many repetitions, too many times during the week. Like me back then, you probably reckon that more is better.

BUT, the TRUTH IS THAT to go beyond your current level of stout loss, you MUST forget about common and well loved "go until you puke" training methods and workouts and use a smarter, more efficient and simpler way to get the body you deserve.

Sure, you can train like that when you’re 20; when you have ZERO life dependability; when your body can take the pounding and; when you have all the time in the world. But now that you’re living "real life" – you’ve got responsibilities outside of yourself, and you can’t afford to be physically out of commission because you injured yourself trying to do 200 reps of a given exercise – training intensely hard 5 times per week just doesn’t work anymore. And it wasn’t until I figured out how to secretly MAXIMIZE my training results by doing less that I not only started to lose a ton of stout, BUT I started to get stronger and more athletic too.

The secret to losing all those inches around my tummy and still getting stronger wasn’t in any exercise or training gadget – it really involved me doing LESS.

The secret isn’t some ridiculous calorie-restrictive diet either – I really didn’t change ANYTHING about the way I ate…In fact, I ate whatever I wanted. The secret was in a technique that I learned as I started taking my kettle bell training more seriously. It’s a secret that only elite athletes and strength practitioners know how to master and a secret that – now that I’m really starting to be with you it – I’ll share with anyone who will listen. …And when you’re done reading this entire letter word-for-word, you’re going to be with you how to skyrocket your stout loss training to the next level, gather how to EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT and leave your friends and family wondering who you sold your soul to because you’ll look like you be in the right place on the cover of a magazine! It all started when I saw myself that one afternoon after taking a shower and I realized that I didn’t look like an athlete anymore. But with the workouts I was doing, I just kept on pushing myself harder and harder. And I kept on getting softer and weaker. So I pushed myself more.

What I am saying though is that you don’t get the shredded body of an athlete by pounding yourself into the ground to the point of throwing up like you see those trainers on Reality TV doing to their obese victims.

Instead, World Class athletes know the secret to achieving a world class body WITHOUT even training specifically for it – And TODAY, YOU are going to gather that secret and use it to YOUR advantage. Athletes don’t train to look excellent. No way. Instead, they train to go. They train to excel at their event. They train to win gold medals. Looking excellent is the BI-PRODUCT of their training, but it’s not their end goal. And they do this by using the Advanced Stout Loss Secret that you won’t find in any run-of-the-mill infomercial DVD set, or mediocre eBook on the internet. Why? Because this method – what I call the MxT Method of Training – is ridiculously simple that only trainers and strength coaches who have been around the block a few times know how to use it in their programming…

OK, so back to world class athletes. Let’s take a look at another sport that involves a high level of athleticism and skill…gymnastics… Read more…